Sunday, May 17, 2009


Can somebody explain to me why getting oral contraceptives is so painful in the US? I swear to God, it's easier to buy heroin than the contraceptive pills (prescribed to me by my doctor, by the way).

Yet again, my pharmacy refused to sell them to me because "it is too early." I have engaged in the frustrating discussion of "too early for what?" with them too many times already. Apparently, if you want to buy your pills earlier than usual (for example, in case you are travelling), you are screwed.

For people like me, who will be travelling quite a lot this summer (and moving between two different countries as well), getting the contraceptive pills is next to impossible. I cannot possibly organize my travels so as to find myself next to the same CVS pharmacy in the small window of opportunity when I am permitted to acquire my pills (which, let me repeat, have been prescribed to me by an actual doctor).

And buying an extra pack, for emergencies? Don't even think about it. The access to the pill is restricted as much - or more - than the acess to the diamonds of the British Crown. This control over the pill is utterly unreasonable, of course. It's not like anybody will get high on them or develop an addiction. This is nothing other than one more attempt to police and control women's bodies.

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