Friday, February 18, 2011

Compliments to My Blog

I just met a senior colleague from the English department, and it turns out that he reads my blog and really likes it. He told me really wonderful things about how much he enjoys it. It was especially great to hear that this eminent scholar in the field of English literature considers my writing to be very good.

Now I'm sitting in my office and sniffling because I'm very touched. 

Did you hear this, everybody? It turns out I write well in English. This just totally made my day.

I always get scared when I discover that colleagues read this blog because I'm afraid they might be put off by the aggressive blogging persona that does not overlap 100% with who I am in "real life." For now, I have only heard very positive feedback from colleagues, though. It seems like I have lucked out with colleagues at this institution. 

Now I need to go wash my face before my meeting because I've been crying tears of joy.


Rimi said...

Aw, isn't that nice. I must say Clarissa, that when I first started reading you I was rather put off your super-aggressive persona here. I'm a fairly stern character myself, but your take-no-prisoners approach rather baffled me. But it's got its own charm, and now I quite look forward to your blog several times a week.

In fact, it's been nearly two years since I've written regularly. I'd like to start writing again, but I fear I've lost all my readers :-)

Clarissa said...

Believe it or not, I'm a lot less off-putting in person. :-)

If you start blogging regularly again, I'm sure many of the readers here would love to read your blog.

My colleagues at the meeting just made many compliments to my appearance, too. I'm guess it's my day to hear nice things. :-)

Tom Carter said...

Clarissa, I'm also highly impressed by your English writing skill. I studied Russian for years, lived in Moscow for almost three years, and speak (maybe the past tense would be better) it well. However, reading Russian is harder, and writing it is torture. Kudos to you!