Tuesday, February 22, 2011

God Loves Me

I'm exhausted, people. Last Friday I was in meetings all day long. On Saturday and Sunday I worked very hard on my article. Yesterday we had a variety of activities related to our candidate's campus visit, and I was preparing this week's classes in between. Today I'm teaching my 3 classes, and there are more campus visit activities. So I will need to have a major relaxation and fun day tomorrow.

What to do, though? How to relax and rest? So I go to the Amazon Kindle store and I discover that six more books by my favorite Ruth Rendell have become available on Kindle today. Of course, I read them all before but rereading Rendell's books when I'm too tired to read anything new is my favorite way of replenishing my energy levels. After I spend most of Wednesday doing this, I will be able to start working on a new article on Thursday.

And then there are still people who doubt the existence of God.

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Spanish prof said...

I don't know your tastes in mystery novels very well, but having lived in South Florida for awhile, I would give Edna Buchanan a shot (just a few of her books, then she becomes repetitive). The first Sue Grafton novels were also pretty cool.