Sunday, February 20, 2011

Male Chauvinist in Search of an Audience

Do you remember that crazy male chauvinist who, for some unfathomable reason, left a link to his anti-women blog in the comment section to one of my recipes? Since then, he'd try to leave the exact same comment every once in a while, but I blocked him. I know that he tried to promote himself on many other feminist blogs. 

Apparently, the guy's attempts to promote his blog have failed. This morning I woke up to a whole bunch of comments that he tried to leave to my most recent posts The comments are all the same. They are an exact replica of his initial comment, proving (as if we needed any more proof) that male chauvinists are not extremely bright. I didn't let these comments through, of course, so now they are crowding my Spam box. 

I think this guy's desperation is good news. Obviously he has been able to find no audience for his crazy rants since the moment he first established his weird blog.

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