Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Hypocrisy of Anti-Abortionists

You can hardly find people who are more hypocritical than anti-abortionists. They have the incredible gall of calling themselves "pro-life" when they favor subjecting women against their will to the risk and trauma of childbirth (the world average of maternal mortality rate is 400 per 100,000) and attempt to pass legislation making murders of doctors legal. 

They say they want to save the lives of babies when, in reality, they only struggle against the ejection from the female body of a couple of cells. As soon as these unwanted, unloved fetuses actually turn into babies after they are born, the anti-abortionists forget all about them. You'd think that with all their screeching, marching, protesting, assaulting women and abortion providers, and lobbying they would fall over themselves in providing care and support for these unwanted babies when they actually become babies. You'd think they'd be adopting all of those abandoned miserable children who have been severely damaged by being carried to term by mothers who hate the fact of their existence. You'd think these baby-lovers wouldn't rest until there wasn't a single abandoned baby in the world.

None of this happens, though. Anti-abortionists aren't adopting scores of unwanted babies all over the world, they are not investing any money into rehabilitation problems that would mitigate the damage caused to children and women by being forced to go through a pregnancy that is undesired, hated and experienced as a horror.

If you oppose women's right to abortion and have not dedicated your life to adopting and rehabilitating unwanted babies, then you are the biggest hypocrite the world have ever seen.


David said...

Religion is like gum. Chew it yourself all you want, but don't stick your goddamn gum in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

The right doesn't oppose abortion on moral grounds -- not really. They oppose abortion as part of a general effort to roll back women's rights and force women into deeper subjugation to men. That's why they also want to defund WIC, block access to birth control and women's health services, and so on. If only they were just hypocrites! But alas I fear they know all too well what they are doing.

Clarissa said...

Of course, they know what they are doing. But they don't openly recognize it. Their entire discourse is centered on saving the babies. No anti-abortionist will confess to you that s/he wants to subjugate women to men. No, it's "innocent" little babies they care about. So I tried to engage them on their own ground.