Monday, February 14, 2011

Indian Restaurant

The Indian restaurant called Taj Palace turned out to be very good. Finally, I got dahl soup that wasn't bland.

As you can see, we ordered enough food for a platoon of hungry soldiers. The goal is, of course, to take most of it home. The waiters were so impressed by how much we ordered that they gave us free mango lassis (which are made of ripe mangos here) and free desserts.

Why, oh why does this restaurant have to be so far from where we live?

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Patrick said...

Great looking dishes! I've never been brave enough to eat real Indian food, but that spread could convince me it's worth the risk.

Rimi said...

What did you order?

Re. Indian good woes: my neighbourhood had some pretty good Indian places a stones throw away, but the one thing one can apparently NEVER EVER get a decent version of outside the subcontinent is biryani. To not have biryani for a whole year -- a whole year! -- near about killed my soul.

But I can see why getting permission to cook mutton, rice and spices -- in fragrant clarified butter and over a wood fire in the open air -- might be a teensy bit difficult :-)

Clarissa said...

After this description of biryani I'm starting to get hungry again.

We got: goat vindaloo (I'm a passionate fan of vindaloo and anything with potatoes), dahl lamb, and butter chicken (the best dish of the night.)

I had some leftovers for breakfast today. Yummm!

Jam said...

Wow, that looks amazing! I'm glad it was a good night!

Anonymous said...

Taj Palace is the most easily accessed Indian restaurant for you, assuming that you take 270 to 70 W. There are other decent restaurants in town, but Taj Palace is generally rated most highly.