Friday, February 25, 2011

A Letter to Georgia's Rep. Franklin

Jill at Feministe posted this fantastic letter that we should all send to Georgia's crazed Re. Franklin who is sponsoring legislation that will require all women to file police reports every time they miscarry:
Dear Rep. Franklin,
I applaud your efforts to support the rights of zygote citizens of Georgia by criminalizing miscarriages and investigating every instance of fetal death as a potential crime. The Georgia State Assembly knows that life begins at the moment of conception, and a fertilized egg death is a human death — a death that we should all grieve, and of course investigate to the fullest extent until we find the responsible party and bring them to justice (the death penalty, which your bill prescribes as the punishment for killing a pre-born Georgia citizen, is definitely appropriate here). I couldn’t agree more, and I would like to help.
As I’m sure you know, more than 50% of fertilized eggs –Georgia citizens! — naturally don’t implant, and are flushed out of the body during menstruation. I am personally concerned that my own murdering woman-body may have flushed out some human beings, and I may have flushed them down the toilet without knowing that I was disposing of Georgia citizens in such an undignified way. This must be remedied. I would like to be sure that I am not killing any more Georgia citizens — and that if I am, they are able to receive a proper funeral and not a burial at sea, and that our state police can dedicate valuable time and resources to investigating their deaths.
To that end, I attach a picture of my latest used tampon. I am preserving this tampon, as well as all of my other tampons, pads, feminine hygiene products and soiled panties from my current menstrual cycle, so that the Georgia State Police can come collect them as evidence. I would also be happy to drop the specimens off at your office, should you want to examine them yourself.
Please let me know if I can make an appointment to give you these items. Or, since I appreciate that you are a very busy man, please let me know when the police will be by my home to collect them, as my next cycle is rapidly approaching and they are starting to smell. I cannot keep them in my refrigerator for much longer.
Thanks for all the work you do to further the pro-life cause.
Jill Filipovic
This is Rep. Franklin's contact info:

Rep. Bobby Franklin
401 Coverdell Legislative Office Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
Phone: 404.656.0152
Fax: 404.656.5562


profacero said...

Nebraska is now also resurrecting legislation to decriminalize homicide of abortionists.

Pen said...

The problem with proposals like these is that they encourage population growth in just about every state but their own. Women wanting or even supporting abortion will eventually move out of these states, causing overcrowding in other states. This can be harmful ecologically and economically, as it will encourage the expansion of cities in well-farmed areas. The result will inevitably be the resurgence of the anti-abortion movement in these overcrowded states, which will perpetuate the cycle and cause overcrowding in even more states.

And the United States will eventually fall because of the condoned violence of the anti-abortion movement. No people will be left.

All right, it might be a bit of an exaggeration, but my own letter might include something along those lines. These wacky laws have to have some effect.

Anonymous said...

I think issue that everyone is missing is that this law isn’t an anti-abortion law, it was an anti-miscarriage law, which is ridiculous in itself. I believe most of us are anti-miscarriage, most women are devastated when they have a miscarriage, and to hold these women responsible for some thing that is completely out of their control is preposterous. And that’s another thing that has been completely overlooked during all of the discussions on this issue, it is COMPLETELY out of the control of the woman.