Saturday, October 3, 2009

Is There a Decent Male Film Director?

I understand why a nasty pedophile Woody Allen would want to defend a fellow pedophile Polanski. But why does Pedro Almodovar join the group of losers who go out of their way to defend a disgusting vile rapist? What is it with these people? Do they think that the fact of having made a couple of half-decent kind-of-entertaining flicks should get them a get-out-of-jail card for any horrible crime they commit?

Among all the "stars" who offered their support to this vile prick, Almodovar is more or less the only one with some kind of talent. Of course, this talent is a thing of the past. As we all know, Almodovar has sold out to Hollywood some time ago and for the past 10 years of so has been making very low-quality Hollywood-type movies such as Todo sobre mi madre and Hable con ella. Recently, he proved that even these silly movies are beyond him and agreed to collaborate with Fox Studios to create a suburban drama on the basis of one of his best films. Evidently, Almodovar, who is being reduced to an old and dusty myth by dozens of young and truly talented Spanish film-makers, feels that any publicity is a good publicity. He doesn't know how to make films, so he tries to make waves by supporting the vile Polanski.

The list of shamelessly clueless individuals who are defendiing the dirty rapist Polanski goes on and on. It's a condemnation of our society that we tolerate such a bunch of repugnant idiots, celebrate them, and allow them to make tons of money off of us. Money that they use to escape justice and continue raping, violating, and torturing.

I will never watch another film by Scorcese, Polanski, Almodovar, and Allen. It isn't going to be hard at all, since it isn't like they are caapable of producing anything worthwhile any more.


Anonymous said...

Allen is definitely creepy. No arguments there. The thing with Almodovar, though, is that in Spain, 13 is the legal age of consent, I believe without any "similar age" restrictions (although I may be mistaken on that second part). So, I'm more inclined to give him a little leeway on this than I am toward Woody Allen (who is DEFINITELY just creepy, and less talented than the other three besides).

Clarissa said...

It was still a rape. The child a) was drugged, b)said no every step of the way. So the age of consent in Spain or anywhere else is beyond the point. It would still be rape if she were 40.

I hope Polanski goes to jail and the same nice thing he did to this child gets done to him every day. And then he can tell us whether it's rape or not. :-)