Friday, October 23, 2009

There is hope for Texas, after all

Thank God, reason prevailed ate the University of Texas at Austin. This goes to show that if we resist these barbaric changes collectively, we can stop them. 

"U. of Texas Abandons Controversial Foreign Language Plan
The University of Texas at Austin has abandoned a controversial plan to cut
the foreign language requirement in its College of Liberal Arts from 16 to
12 credits. In an e-mail sent this week to the faculty, Randy Diehl, the
dean of the college, noted that at a faculty meeting to discuss the idea,
"[i]n three and a half hours of give and take, not one audience member
spoke in favor of the proposal.... In view of the overwhelming negative
reaction to the proposal, I have decided to withdraw it from further

cited from 22 October 2009 Inside Higher Ed

Now I hope that Cal State at Bakersfield gives up on its shameful and outrageous plan to kill languages.


Anonymous said...

And UT Austin has such a wealth of Latin American texts.


Clarissa said...

Soon they will have no one capable of reading them.