Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stupid Advertisement

There is this commercial for Abilify that seems extremely weird to me. It says something like this: "About two thirds of people who are treated for depression still experience depression-related symptoms." If this is true, then the only logical conclusion would be that anti-depressants don't work. People should look for other ways of dealing with depression. The makers and pushers of Abilify, however, do not agree. Their suggestion is that people who suffer from depression should add another pill on top of the pills they are already taking.

Of course, after taking all those anti-depressant pills (which even this commercial admits do not work), the poor patients will have to take another ton of pills to deal with the side-effects of all this anti-depressant junk. Actually, the list of side-effects for Abilify runs for several pages. Initially, I wanted to post them here but there is seriously not enough space in this blog for that. It seems like a more apt name for Abilify would be Disabilify since nobody is likely to come out of ingesting this garbage (on top of other anti-depressants, no less) unharmed.

What are people thinking when they agree to put several anti-depressants plus this garbage into their bodies? How is it possible that these drug-dealers are allowed to advertise their junk as if it were candy?

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