Saturday, October 31, 2009

Talks with My Students

I love my students. Whatever happens, they always know how to make me laugh. So here are some of the recent stories:

Story 1.

Student (describing a painting by Velasquez): So here we see some woman and she is breastfeeding this baby. And there are these three other men with gifts standing around them. I have no idea why he painted this.

Me: So who are the mother and the baby?

Student (indignantly): How should I know?

Me: Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Student (incredulously): You think??

Story 2.

Me: And this is yet another instance of the pernicious influence of the US in Latin America.

Student (in utter exasperation): Why, why do we, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, always have to mess with other people and cause them misery???

Me: You'are asking me?? Why do you, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, always have to do it?


V said...

The first story is something I would not expect to happen in the middle of the Midwest... :) :)

Clarissa said...

I know, how weird is that?? :-)