Thursday, October 15, 2009

Russell Bishop: A Male Chauvinist Pig

I am so tired of these butt-ugly, balding, uneducated, middle-aged women-haters. As if we didn't have enough stupidity coming out of Ross Douthat on a weekly basis, here is an individual called Russell Bishop. He just came out with an article trying to convince women that working and having careers is bad for them. Material possessions do not make you happy, he argues. "There is very little correlation between material world success and happiness or fulfillment," Bishop writes. This line of reasoning does not lead him, however, to enjoin everybody to stop working. Just women. He is also incapable of realizing that many women work not because of their inherent materialism but precisely because having a career makes them happy and fulfilled.

After telling women just how miserable they are because of their careers, Bishop proceeds to offer advice. Of course, it's pretty self-evident that no woman would ever consider asking for advice from this raging chauvinist, but this doesn't stop Bishop from pontificating in his condescending manner. His advice to the supposedly unhappy women: Learn to accept and cooperate with what is. The implication is clear. In order to be happy, women need to just accept and cooperate with the patriarchal system that benefits Bishop and deprives them of their rights. We should accept and cooperate with the lack of pay equity, violence, sexual harrassment, and constant condescension. Sit quietly in your corners, little ladies, and learn to be happy with what you have. And in the meanwhile, go clean yourself some toilets.

Bishop's article is titled "Women are unhappy? And you are surprised?" No, Russell, I'm not surpised at all. While jerks like you regale us with your sanctimonious chauvinistic rubbish, women will continue being unhappy. It's people like you who create pay inequity, who make work environment intolerable for women, and who create the discourse that keeps marginalizing us.

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