Friday, October 16, 2009

Wildlife in Southern Illinois

One thing I can't get used to here in Southern Illinois is the wildlife. First, there was a fox (ar at least that's who I think it was) that lived in our trash can. It seemed to be very unhappy there and I kept worrying about it until some nice neighbor found a way to help the fox get out of the trash can. Then, I was waiting for a bus next to a corn field and a deer ran out of it. It passed right next to me and ran in the direction of financial institutions that are located next to the corn field. I really identified with the deer because it must have forgotten to withdraw its money the night before and had to run to the bank in the morning.

Then last night I went to take out the garbage and I saw this really ugly and scary animal which I later identified as an opossum (with the help of a student). It has a very nasty, pointy face and it leered at me. It scared me so much that I had nightmares all night long. I dreamt that I had to go on a date with Gorbachov and I had no nice shoes. And the store where I went in my dream only sold very ugly shoes. In the morning, I felt completely exhausted. That's what the stupid opossum did to me.

When I lived in New Haven, CT, I got used to seeing police chasing criminals, pimps dressing down their workers, or armed criminal running around. So that doesn't really bother me any more. Seeing all these animals, however, will take a lot of getting used to.


V said...

It is interesting you find little critters so scary... I totally enjoyed all those deers, racoons and rabbits of the Midwest...
And, by the way, there are possums, raccoons and skunks, not even speaking of squirrels, in NDG and CSL. And I once saw a wolf near the place where A20 and A40 merge...

Clarissa said...

Are you serious?? Both about seeing a wolf and liking the animals, I mean.

Rabbits are ok for me. I see them and immediately think about all the ways I could cook them. :-) The deers are kind of ok for the same reason.

But the animals I don't even know are truly terrifying. You never know what to expect from them. Scary!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw a possum in Connecticut I knew for a fact that there is no God. That ugly beast hissing at me still haunts me. I had to google ugly animal + New England + wildlife to find out about possums.

There should be no possums in Montreal. Too far north (according to the websites out wildlife I have read). But with global warming these nature's mistakes can be found far up north.