Tuesday, October 27, 2009

San Antonio Doctor Traumatized by Female Sexuality

USA Today published this hilarious interview with a religious fanatic disguised as a doctor who wants to make her patients pay for having rich and fulfilling sex lives. This individual refuses to prescribe birth control to her single female patients because she can't get over her envy towards them: "I'm not going to give any kind of medication I see as harmful," said Phillips of San Antonio**. The drugs would not protect her patient from "emotional trauma from multiple partners," Phillips reasoned. "I could not ethically give that type of medication to a single woman." It's sad that no drug is available to protect Dr. Phillips from the emotional trauma of knowing that there are women in the world who have sex purely for enjoyment.

It's funny how this freak stops at single women. Apparently, she doesn't realize that having multiple partners has nothing to do with your marital status. She also doesn't realize that the reason people take birth control in general and this kind of contraception in particular has nothing whatsoever to do with the number of partners they have. This weird person is so stuck on the painful (to her) thought that somebody somewhere might have more than one sex partner that she can't discuss anything else. It's terrifying to see how many insane individuals get into the medical profession. I shudder to think what this "doctor" might do to a patient who does something to hurt her sex-deprived sensibilities.

**And then people get upset with me for dumping on certain states as places where all kinds of freaks flourish.


Val said...

She's also apparently unfamiliar w/the indications for BCP's that have absolutely NOTHING to do w/contraception!

What idiocy persists, in this day & age...

Clarissa said...

Exactly. The oral contraceptives helped two of my friends with their acne and extremely painful periods.