Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Blog on Kindle!

My blog is finally available on Kindle!!! Here it is:
I still haven't learned how to make my Amazon blog page more visually attractive, so it's nothing much to look at. Still, I spend a lot of time looking at it because (as everybody here must have guessed already) I am profoundly in love with my Kindle.

The great thing about it is, of course, that every single link within the post is preserved and since Kindle has free wireless (now all over the world) you can jump to any link that interests you right from the Kindle blog page. It also preserves pictures (although not in color because the Kindle thankfully doesn't use color on its screen) and it also provides a different shade of ink for the quotes withing the body of the posts.

I didn't want it to cost anything but unfortunately Amazon isn't letting me control that. The funny thing is that I have to pay to receive it on the Kindle as well. It sounds weird that I would actually do it but it's so cool to see my own writing in the Kindle format that it's definitely worth it.

Now I will have to buy Kindles for the people I love in order to have some subscribers. :-)


Jen said...

I just sent you an email on how to add an image to your blog cover. I hope it works!


Clarissa said...

Thank you! I followed your advice and now it will take Amazon a couple of days to review the changes. I hope we will be able to see the new version over the weekend.

Everybody in the Kindle community is always incredibly helpful. With all my opposition to collective identity, the Kindle-identity is one that I like practicing. :-)