Monday, February 7, 2011

Arizona and Ethnic Solidarity

It just occurred to me that the argument that Hispanic Studies profs promote "ethnic solidarity" in detrimental ways which is being advanced in Arizona to ban Ethnic Studies is the same argument that has fueled antisemitism pretty much everywhere in the world. "Jews always hire/promote/help/support, etc. other Jews." How many times have we heard that? The world-wide Jewish conspiracy that has overtaken everything of value and is excluding non-Jews from positions of power is something that has been used as a justification for persecuting Jews for centuries. I've had some very well-educated people who looked completely normal advance these arguments to my face.

Are Arizona Hispanics that state's Jews?


eric said...

It's a well-known saying in Tucson that "Mexican is the new Jew," one which is (or was when I resided there) repeated by columnists in the Tucson Weekly (the area's progressive indie paper).

As somebody with both Hispanic AND Jewish roots, I guess I'm doubly cursed!

Canukistani said...

Is this a rhetorical question? At least you got the ethnicity right. Fox news who brought you a map which shows Egypt beside Iran thinks that it’s about afro-Americans.