Friday, February 11, 2011

Does Anybody Know What This Is?

Trust an autistic to buy something at the grocery store while having no idea what it is. Does anybody know what the name of this beautifully looking thing is?

I just made a great salad using it, and it tastes great. I haven't, however been able to figure out what it is.

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D said...

Purple escarole

Clarissa said...

Oh, so this is escarole! I always wanted to try it, and now I have - without even knowing it.

Thank you so much!!!!!

Pen said...

'Tis not escarole. It's a type of red-leaf kale.

(Escarole is green. It does not come in purple.)

Pagan Topologist said...

There are different varieties of escarole. Kale does not taste good raw, and does not look like this at all, so far as any types I am aware of are concerned. So if this is good raw in a salad, I also think it is a type of escarole or perhaps an obscure type of cabbage.

Clarissa said...

I don't think this is kale. I know kale, and this tastes completely different.

Taste-wise, it might be a kind of cabbage, as Pagan Topologist says. I looked through dozens of pictures of cabbages on Google Images but it wasn't there. I need to find out!

Pen said...

I don't know what either tastes like--I asked a person who might know (being someone who deals with plants and produce a lot), and they were adamant about it being kale.

The reasons he gave me:
-Kale is related to cabbage, and does have a tendency to taste like cabbage.
-The leaves do not have the characteristics of escarole leaves.
-It looks like red-leaved kale.

I'm not saying he couldn't be wrong, but there are hundreds of varieties of kale, and there are certain types that are prepared raw and taste better than others. A picture search--of specific varieties--brought up similar images. None of my other picture searches worked--of escarole or of cabbage.

Tim said...

I second what Pen said.
This looks pretty much like purple kale.

Clarissa said...

I looked at the pictures of purple kale, and it looks like that's it. I had no idea purple kale even existed. Thank you, guys!

NancyP said...

Different colors of kale are used as ornamental plants.