Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doing Research Isn't Easy

One would think that writing a research article for 4 hours is not that big of a deal. How can anybody get tired from that? For some reason, though, it's usually draining. I wrote 4 pages, dropped down in exhaustion, and slept for another three hours. Sorry for keeping everybody's comments in moderation in the meanwhile.

I have discovered that blogging has taught me to write my English-language articles a lot faster. When I was writing my doctoral dissertation, I could never do more that 3 pages in one day. (I did 5 once, but the I was useless for days after that.) But since I started this blog, I'm a lot more comfortable with writing in English. On Sunday, for example, I just sat down and wrote 8 full pages of my article. And then I had to force myself to stop. 

OK, I'll stop ranting about writing my article and just go write some more.

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