Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Job Fair: Any Suggestions?

If the university doesn't close tomorrow too, I'll have to participate in a job fair where we talk to the students about the career choices they have if they major in our respective departments. I'm also supposed to bring props to have some sort of visual evidence of what people can do with a degree in foreign languages and literature. So I have no idea what I could bring. It can't be anything bulky because how will I carry it? It can't be a map of the world because there is no place to put it up. 

Does anybody have any suggestions? Of course, I will dress "like a European", so visually I will serve as a prop. But what else?

Any advice is highly appreciated.


Liese4 said...

Food! Oh wait, that has nothing to do with a career in foreign language or literature.....you could have pictures of famous people in those fields.

Clarissa said...

Actually, food is not a bad suggestion at all. I have this really good Russian candy. The logic might be "Learn languages and you will be able to travel to other countries and sample their cuisine."

Good idea. Thanks.

P.S. If you like candy, I strongly recommend Russian chocolates. I'm indifferent to candy normally, but the Russian candy is way too good.

Patrick said...

What about opportunities in the literary field (Editing, publishing, translating) or in the marketing field (creating copy, formulating marketing strategies). Certainly a knowledge of the literature (and by extension, the culture) of Hispanics would be beneficial when dealing with that demographic.

Liese4 said...

OMG, there is a dark chocolate caramel with sea salt from Trader Joe's that is the bomb! It is sooo good. Hmmm....when the Russian market comes to town I'll have to see if they carry chocolate.

Good idea about the publishing and translating of items.

sarcozona said...

You could have some translated books as props.

cringe-all said...

How about pictures of people who have learned languages working and being happy? Like teaching a class of kids in a foreign country, or working in the tourist industry at an exotic locale?