Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Series, Post 1

There is this disturbing tendency nowadays to dump on teachers, demonize intelligence and erudition, and worship stupidity and ignorance. I am proposing to battle this dangerous trend with a series of statements on what it means to be a teacher, and why the role of teachers' in society is important. Feel free to add your observations on why the teaching profession is great, necessary, and crucial for any society's success.

A teacher is a person who can explain the same concept and answer the same question hundred times in a row and never become impatient or lose enthusiasm for the subject that is being discussed.

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Liese4 said...

A teacher is someone who sparks an interest in learning, who opens doors and bids you to explore a world of unknowns. They are constantly in search of knowledge and gather it from every corner,bringing it to life for those they teach.