Monday, February 7, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras

In this horrible, horrible show called Toddlers and Tiaras, a mother whose tiny daughter didn't win the beauty pageant says: "If my daughter lost, it means she looks like a dog."

That makes sense, I thought. She must be a dog if her mother is such a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Nice wordplay.

Lindsay said...

If you had a "sad" button I would click it for this.

I imagine it will only get worse for that little girl as she grows up. :(

Kate Hess said...

Clarissa - Check out this parody of the show from UCB comedy. Think you'll enjoy :)
"you're never too young for a duct tape bustier"

Anonymous said...

There is nothing funny about a parent shoving sugar into her childs mouth, spraying chemicals onto her body and dressing her up like a cheap whore to win fifty bucks. Any one who sees humour in this (or thinks it's okay) had best seek help. Seriously.We need licences to have dogs but every bitch on the street is allowed to procreate. Think about it.

Clarissa said...

Nobody's arguing. The show is disgusting, and those parents are vile individuals. I'm shocked that anybody would hate their own child that much. Freaks.

So I'm there with you.

Anonymous said...

If you notice most of these mothers are big fat woman. I feel so sorry for these children. Their paremts are raising self-centered little brats. Look at that Mackenzie. Talk about a brat she should get a slap. Also what are they teaching they children as these woman are such poor loses. Lastly why do they not save this money that they spend on pagent for their educations. Take them off of the air.