Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Twitter First

Believe it or not, but there is a person whose very first tweet is about this blog. And I've never met that person in my life.

Check out this intelligent Twitter user with a great taste in blogs. He is @cousy.

I feel very important and popular right now.


rakoenigsberg said...

Well, I'm "Cousy." Thanks for mentioning me.

I'm actually a writer--perhaps on the level of Zizek (or beyond). My latest book is entitled: NATIONS HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL. Please see: and

And yes, you should be proud that I Twittered about your blog.

I'm in the process of creating a blog myself at this moment (with the help of my Webmaster, Orion Anderson). I searched high and low for a serious (somewhat scholarly) blog to model my own upon, and lit down on your site.

It's astonishing how few blogs are written by serious scholars. They aren't there yet.

I have a Newsletter that reaches 35,000 people in the academic world, so I'm a bit of a pioneer in this domain.

But I want to develop a style that is a little more conversational (less bombastic than my usual writings), a little more intimate, while remaining scholarly. Your blogs seem to have this tone.

My ideas are disturbing to many people. I write about the sacrificial meaning of warfare. People do not like to imagine that human beings sacrifice young men in the name of their sacred nations.

So I need a safe face (sealed off from the world's insanity) to present these ideas, more or less in the style that I'm writing now.

So I'm learning this blog style (from you): somewhat more revelatory and intimate than scholarly writing. A new way of conveying what one knows.

With regards,


P. S. My nickname "Cousy" came from the great Boston Celtic basketball player, "Bob Cousy." I was given the nickname in 8th grade, and it stuck with me. However, I'm only 5 feet 8 inches tall, so no way I was going to become a great basketball player...although I did set my high school's record in cross-country (12:30 for 2 1/2 miles).

Clarissa said...

It's great to see you here, Richard! Make sure you leave a link to your blog when it is up and running.

Your book sounds very interesting. Nationalism is one of my research interests. Is your book available in Kindle format? I haven't been able to find that option yet.

Welcome to the blog!