Monday, October 11, 2010

Female Voters Lack Enthusiasm about the Upcoming Elections

NPR reports:
Four years ago, Democrats like Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire sailed into Congress on the Democratic wave. She held on two years later, boosted in part by President Obama's surge. And now? The forecast is cloudy, in New Hampshire and elsewhere. And Democrats may be dealing with an enthusiasm gap among such traditional stalwarts as women voters.
Well, is anybody really surprised? In his battle for the Healthcare bill, Obama couldn't wait to throw women overboard in an attempt to placate the Evangelical women-haters. As usual, women's right to control their own bodies was deemed less important than placating the Christian fundamentalists. So why on Earth would women voters hurry to the polls in November? What is it that either party is promising us that we should care about? As far as I can see, women have little to expect from either the Democrats or the Republicans.

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