Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oxy- and Other Morons

A student is struggling with his analysis of a poem.

Student: "A silent music, a loud silence". . . Erm. . . That's . . . Er. . . an . . .

Me: Oxymoron.

Student: What did you just call me?!?

Me: No, it's a figure of speech.

Student: Well, it may be a figure of speech but it's still offensive.


Anonymous said...

That reminded me of this.


Vertigo said...

This one made me laughed... even though it must have been awkward for everyone.

Pagan Topologist said...

I once had a student tell me I was being offensive when I told her that freshmen usually had difficulty with a particular course because of the required mathematical maturity. She felt that singling out freshmen in this way was wrong.

geo said...

Hey, when I was coming of age in the late '60's and then early 70's everyone else was saying:

"Right On Brother!" and similar.

To me they just said: "More On!