Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update on the Troll

For those who don't know: I have this troll who's been stalking my blog for a very long time. I think it's been close to a year. At first, it tried posting offensive comments, which I obviously never publish. Still, it comes here on a regular basis and still tries to comment from time to time.

I have to say that it's very difficult for me to imagine a life that is so empty, useless and bereft of all meaning that a person would think nothing of wasting it on reading a blog they obviously hate. As far as I can remember (and if I'm mistaken, troll, I'm sorry. You mean a lot less to me than I do to you), the troll initially got obsessed with the blog because I mentioned that sex is something good and enjoyable. Evidently, in all the months that have gone by the troll has not been able to find anybody who would be willing to alleviate their sexual loneliness for love or money.

I hope that when people see what lack of sex has done to my poor troll they will stop arguing with me about the importance of a healthy sexual life.


Anonymous said...

Trolls can be fun. If you trick them to staying in the sunlight, they turn to stone and then make a convenient and attractive lawn ornament.


V said...

Since you actually do not publish the Troll's comments, we, the audience, cannot see what exactly the alleged lack of sexual and intellectual life has done to it... :) :)

Clarissa said...

It's not about the specific comments. It's more about that it spends so much time on a blog it obviously hates and where its comments don't even get published. How stupid and desperate is that?

Jo said...

Don't you feel at least a bit flattered? I know I would if somebody was so desperate for my attention.

cringe-all said...

I am sorry to hear about your problems with the troll, but this extrapolation to lack of sex is just bullcrap! Well it might be the reason in his/her case, but I really do not see how this can be generalized and how such strong associations can be drawn between a person's behavior/nature and his/her sex life (or the lack of thereof). I think I have mentioned before that I hail from a non-Western culture that is also much less sexually permissive, and while I do not believe this is ideal, I manage to have a very satisfying intellectual life and very healthy and friendly relations with women, while still being sexually repressed. It surprises me how most of your blog posts seem so well-thought out and researched while a few others (thankfully they are in a minority) seem so childish and full of generalizations. In the past I have tended to accept them as attempts at humor or provocation, but now I thought I'd bring up the issue and have you confirm whether they're indeed so - or if I am missing something major here. Anyway, the point I wanted to make here, and very emphatically, is that, sex or no sex, it ultimately boils down to the individual what s/he makes of life. It is certainly possible to be oversexed and still be wanting more and behaving in predatory ways just as it is possible to be sexually frustrated and yet have a productive life otherwise. And like someone else pointed out in this blog previously, there are also people who are frankly not interested enough in sex. There are as many attitudes to sexuality as there are people. Why not let it rest at that?

Clarissa said...

cringe-all: you are not hearing me, buddy. The troll initially blew up and started showering me with some extremely disgusting insults IN RESPONSE to me mentioning human sexuality in a positive way. So this specific person (the troll, not you, not anybody else, but this particular troll) got stuck on this blog for over year, trying to post racist and homophobic remarks because of an innocent comment I made months ago about sex.

I don't think it's wrong for me to assume that this person (again, not you, I'm still talking about the troll) has sexual problems if even the mere mention of the word "sex" makes them fume and rage for over a year?

As for sexuality in general, as I said before, this is my blog and I reserve the right to publish my opinions on absolutely any subject I choose including sex. If I were to stop writing about all topics people have objected to, believe me, I'd have absolutely nothing to write about.

It's Only Bruce said...

Your soap box, your rules, works for me.