Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hardcore Gamers...

. . . are all  nuts. OK, maybe not all of them but many definitely are. Which I didn't know until I posted a review of Civilization V where I dared (and what a horrible thing to do!) to mention that I like Civilization V and didn't enjoy Civilization IV. Since then, I have been inundated by angry messages from gamers, ranging from mildly offensive to scarily crazy, berating me for expressing my opinion of the game. This is really insane because it's just a game. And probably now I will be hated even more because this is not a sentence any hardcore gamer ever wants to hear.

I have been accused of being paid by the company that made the game to promote it (I wish, but in what universe would they hire somebody like me who only plays a couple of times a month, at best?) and of never even having seen either version of the game and just writing bad things about Civ IV out of spite (yes, because it cheated on me with my boyfriend.)

So, gamers, please stop writing to me, telling me how Civ V's introduction of hexes has changed your life for the worse. If you care about it this much, you probably never had a life to begin with. Maybe now is a good time to get your ass out of that arm-chair and go get one.

P.S. My husband's comment on this subject: "If you spent as much time with gamers as I do, you would know that these people don't have any sex. At all. Ever. Then, you would be more compassionate towards them."


Pagan Topologist said...

??Were'nt there some comments here?

Clarissa said...

Not yet, but I keep receiving angry e-mails. :-) And a spirited discussion of how dare I express an opinion about the game that differs from that of other players continues on my Amazon review of Civ 5. :-) These people are something else. It's like I said their baby is ugly, or something. :-)

Pagan Topologist said...

OK, I am really confused. Isn't this where I posted the comment saying among other things that I lost interest in games as they became more realistic, and that since Q-bert and Pak-Man I did not like computer games?

Clarissa said...

I think it's in the post on the CIV5 Review.

I would never remove your comments. You are one of my favorite readers. :-)

Patrick said...

A couple of decisions for you:

Serious Gamers - people who have problems separating reality from fantasy, and take game results personally (never play Diplomacy with them)

People who Game Seriously - those who enjoy all games, but leave disputes and betrayal at the table.

The negative comments you get will be from Serious Gamers. Those of us who 'game seriously' appreciate your comments, and take them for what they're meant to be.

Clarissa said...

Thank you, Patrick. I really appreciate it that you place comments to older posts. It's nice to know they are still being read.

I have several People who Game Seriously in my family, and they are all perfectly reasonable.