Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Gauchos Have Between Their Legs

My personal thanks to ask.com, who didn't mess with
their images search, which allowed me
to find this picture of a gaucho
 As I shared with my readers before, Mondays are very hard for me. I have three long and difficult classes to teach with endless breaks between them. Eventually, I get so exhausted that I begin to ramble. At some point yesterday, I was trying to explain to the students why the XIXth century Argentinean statesman Domingo Faustino Sarmiento hated the gauchos. The picture of a gaucho you see on the right was placed on the big screen in the lecture-hall for students to see. Here is how part of my lecture sounded:

Sarmiento wanted Argentineans to stay put, so that governing them would be easy. Gauchos, however, enjoyed a special kind of freedom, a freedom that Sarmiento hated. There is something that every gaucho has that sets him free, that allows him to escape into his own world whenever he want. Who would care to venture a guess what that special attribute of a gaucho is? Look at the picture, guys, this magical thing is right there, between the gaucho's legs!

On the positive side, everybody in the classroom woke up immediately after that statement. On the negative side, it wasn't easy to bring the students back to a serious discussion of the gauchos' plight.

P.S. I'm not sure everybody understood that I was referring to the gaucho's horse.

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