Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ob-Gyns and Beauty

As if visits to an ob-gyn weren't traumatic enough, the doctors seem to go out of their way to make them even more unpleasant. Today, for example, I discovered that before a woman can be admitted to see the gynecologist, she has to fill out the following questionnaire:

"1. Are you trying to lose weight? Are you interested in taking weight-loss medication prescribed by this office?
2. Would you like to be given Botox injections to improve your appearance?
3. Are you interested in Latisse, a lash-growing prescription medication? **
4. Would you be interested in laser treatments that will remove your wrinkles and crow's feet?"

It seems that some doctors first want to make you sick by filling you up with all this junk and then treat you for the ensuing problems with your health. Of course, I refused and betook my fat, wrinkly self with inadequate lashes to the doctor's office for the annual check-up. When the doctor evinced surprise at how healthy I was, I had half a mind to tell her that I was healthy precisely because I never allowed anybody to convince me to try any of this prescription rubbish, but it didn't seem worth the trouble.

**How anybody can respect a doctor willing to prescribe this junk to people is beyond me.


Lindsay said...

That amazes me ... and not in a good way!

At the women's clinic I go to (which is staffed mostly by nurse-midwives, I'm not sure anyone there is an M.D.), I just had to fill out a questionnaire about my health history at my first appointment.

None of this spamming for cosmetic surgery, or for that matter any shaming about my weight or appearance, even though I am quite heavy.

Maybe part of it is because I'm young, and thus haven't yet experienced the pressure to conceal any and all signs of aging that older women face.

Please do rant at them about those questions, though! None of that stuff has anything to do with health, and you're at a doctor's office, not an Avon party.

Clarissa said...

I kind of see myself as young too. :-) I definitely feel I'm decades too young for any conversation about laser treatments for wrinkles or Botox. After the visit, though, I felt I need to check whether I was right with the help of a magnifying mirror. :-(