Thursday, October 7, 2010

Political Advertisement

Political advertisement in Illinois is extremely inane. I just saw two ads from competing candidates running one after another. The ad from the Republican candidate had the following message: "My opponent campaigned for Obama. This means he's bad! Don't vote for him." The Democrat's ad said: "My opponent was friends with Bush. This means he's bad! Don't vote for him." Both ads feature photos of the opponent shaking hands with the offending president.

I have no idea why somebody would want to waste money on such idiotic ads. Of course, a Democrat or a Republican supported the presidential candidate of their party at least at some point in their career. Are the voters considered to be so stupid that they need this to be pointed out to them?

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Pagan Topologist said...

Maybe this is enough? I have a very strong negative reaction to former President Bush. My reaction to President Obama is not so strong, and marginally positive. Seemingly, some people have the opposite pattern of reactions.