Saturday, December 4, 2010

Anti-Clarissa Bloggers

Some of my readers have written in to inform me that there are several blogs out there that have joined forces in "anti-Clarissa's-blog" propaganda. It would be one thing if they were capable of saying something interesting of their own à propos of my posts. But that would be too much to ask. Apparently, they just quote me extensively and follow it with "Can you believe what this person is saying?" or "Isn't this just horrible?"

I got over my end-of-semester inertia, and consulted my statcounter. It turns out that there are, in fact, people (not many, but what can you expect from unpopular blogs?) who are coming here following the links from Clarissa haters that aim to prove how my feminism is not real feminism. The funny thing, though, is that it seems like many of the readers who follow these links then stay here reading and re-reading every post I have ever written.

Welcome, new readers, and please don't believe the rubbish you have read about me on those other blogs. All I'm trying to do is offer a version of feminism that is more complex and less one-dimensional than the usual "every choice is good" crap. And I do the same with every "liberal" piety.


Izgad said...

Can someone make a blog to attack me? :p

Clarissa said...

I don't know, it kind of hurts my feelings to be so disliked.

Pagan Topologist said...

Your version of feminism is fairly similar to that of a lot of Pagans I know. I do not agree with all of it, but it is a better point of entry into the discussion of gender issues than any other I have encountered.

Z said...

The tenured radical (who I don't like too much) had a whole section of a post about you, the homophobe.

I favor: none of these silly searches on planes. Wear shoes and coats to go through the X ray. Most people are not armed and most dangers aren't from armed people on planes.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are now officially famous! :) I can't wait for people to start blogging about my blog - regardless of their feedback

congratulations on being interesting and different enough!

Cube Angel said...


Let me guess and say this. I bet all they do is call you an idiot, moron, or retarded. I have never understood this. Why don't they attack your arguments instead of you personally?

A while back I went to this conservative man's website and I attacked some of the things he said. I attacked his arguments. Mainly, I was just trying to understand certain things. Guess what happened. His followers attacked me bad. Eventually, they called themselves the pussy posse and talked about pussy and cats.

I thought I would get a logical discourse and either
a. I would change their minds


b. They would show me where I was wrong in my logic.

Instead, I get pussy and cats.

I would show you the post but the man deleted it.