Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More Books by Rendell Available on KIndle

Dear fellow Kindle owners,

more books by Ruth Rendell have appeared in the Amazon's Kindle store. There are now some well-known classics such as Going Wrong, Tree of Hands, The Veiled One: An Inspector Wexford Mystery, The Killing Doll, Live Flesh, and a few others that you can read on Kindle. The prices are more than decent. None of these books are priced at over $9.99, and many cost around $7.

I check Amazon's Kindle store for new books by Rendell almost every day. As you know, it always takes a while for us to get European books in Kindle format because of copyright constraints. Still, it's nice to see that Amazon is making significant efforts to keep its promise to bring every book to us in Kindle format. Enjoy!


Pagan Topologist said...

Do you have any thoughts on Kindle vs. NOOK? My wife has expressed an interest in getting a NOOK as a gift.

Clarissa said...

The main difference for me is that Nook doesn't have a keyboard while the Kindle does. For me, it's crucial to be able to write notes on the margins, so the keyboard is a must.

Nook is a more expensive e-book reader, while Kindle is a lot more than an e-book reader. Kindle is associated to Amazon, so you have the access to all of Amazon's content from it. Reader reviews are a lot more developed on Amazon than on B&N. Amazon also makes access to one's highlighted passages and notes extremely convenient. This is helpful to those of us who do reserach (or blog) and often need to copy-paste quotes from our readings. If one's needs are more basic, then Nook might be a good idea. If one wants something that offers more than a simple reader, then Kindle is the answer.

I have to say, though, that I'm heavily biased in favor of the Kindle. :-) We've been together for 2,5 years. :-)