Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Eventful Blogging Night of an Insomniac

For the third night in a row I can't fall asleep. I take naps during the day but it's really not the same as sleeping through the night. I'm so exhausted, I'm on the verge of tears. And it's very weird, too, because I feel very sleepy and then around 10 pm something clicks and I'm wide awake. Until 10 am. After which I'm groggy all day long. This is getting so annoying that I even started thinking of buying some sleeping pills in spite of my intense hatred of any kind of medication. I've tried everything: taking walks before going to bed, breathing exercises, warm baths, Indian teas. Nothing works.

And you know what's funny? This is not the first time I got this stretch of insomnia. It happens whenever I'm really happy with my life. The moment when everything is really good and I'm content with every aspect of my existence, I get this. It's like I'm afraid to fall asleep at night because I might wake up to a different, much sadder reality.

In any case, this has been an eventful night for the blog. It seems that I wasn't the only sleepless person around. If you are one of those lucky people who managed to sleep through the night, check out the interesting new comments to the recent posts. Also, sleeplessness makes me write long posts to pass the time, so at least something good is coming out of this strange spell of insomnia.

And now, at 5:21 am, I will make yet another attempt to go to sleep. Wish me luck.


Pagan Topologist said...

Good luck!

I think I would just give up, put up dark curtains to cover my windows, and sleep a hundred eighty degrees out of phase with the reso of the world.

cringe-all said...

Does being addicted to blogging have anything to do with it? You sure do churn out blog posts faster than I can say orang utan.

Clarissa said...

Cringe-all: I know! I've noticed today how many posts I wrote in December and it's kind of scary. :-) Tell me, as a reader: do you find the huge number of posts at all annoying? I really want to know and any feedback from the readers will be appreciated.

I really enjoy writing them though.