Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Most Popular Posts

A year's end is the perfect time for a post analyzing what readers have liked the most at this blog. So here is the list of the most popular posts and the number of people who have come to read them:

1. Download Telenovelas for Free - 2, 397 visits

2. So you're telling me you don't have autism? - 1, 030 visits

3. Paternity and a Weird Understanding of Feminism - 822 visits

4. Slavoj Žižek's Living in the End Times: A Review,... - 704 visits

5. Fox News in Canada - 599 visits

6. Can I Be An Appendage to a Man but Still Call Myself a Feminist? - 486 visits

Soap operas, autism, feminism, Zizek, and Fox News - this is a recipe for attracting readers to a blog, it seems. I think I should now try to come up with a post that will address all of these topics at once. Something like this: if Zizek were a feminist autistic, he would realize that there is a profound link between the ideology spouted off by Fox News and what soap operas (that you can download for free here) present as normal and desirable. Then, he would have moved to Canada where there is still some hope of avoiding Fox News.

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