Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secret Santa 2010

We are playing Secret Santa at work. For my international readers, Secret Santa is a game where co-workers are given a name of one of their colleagues and are expected to give little gifts to this colleague without revealing their name for two or three weeks. Then, there is a big party where everybody discovers who their secret Santa was. I love the game because it's a lot of fun to leave secret gifts for somebody while pretending that you have no idea who their Secret Santa is. This game really brightens up the last weeks of the Fall semester at my department.

This year, my Secret Santa is probably somebody who doesn't know me very well. I think so because they keep giving me cookies and candy which I don't eat. My Secret Santa also gives me fluffy toys. All these cookies, chocolates and fluffy toys make me think that my Secret Santa considers me to be childish. Which isn't very flattering. It's enough that my students keep describing me as "cheerful" in their evaluations. Here I am, trying to cultivate a dark, tortured and mysterious persona, but people keep seeing me as a toy-loving chocolate-eating cheerleader type.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into the nature of my Secret Santa's gifts.


Denny said...

Let me guess, you're, uhm, "vertically challenged." Short women are invariably associated with "cuteness," hence the chocolates and the fluffy toy animals. Or, maybe your secret Santa is actively hoping such gifts might render you into some semblance of the "toy-loving chocolate-eating cheerleader type" so you would cease tearing his arguments into shreds with your razor sharp wit and logic. ;)

Clarissa said...

I'm 5'6, so I don't think it's the height. It might be because I'm blonde with a round face, which, for some reason, people invariably associate with silliness. I can't tell you how many times people have said in my face: "You?? Have a PhD??? From Yale???? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!"