Saturday, December 25, 2010

Supporting My Favorite Bloggers

I realized today that I will not rest until I read every single book Laura Lippman has ever written. It happens to me from time to time that I get this overpowering urge to read all books by a certain writer, and I know better by now than to resist it. So since it's winter break anyways, I decided to go ahead and buy the four remaining novels by this author. Nowadays, whenever I buy anything from Amazon (which is about twice a week since everything I need seems to be available on that site), I try to do it in a way that will benefit my favorite bloggers.

I don't know if you noticed, but many bloggers have an Amazon search box (or some kind of an Amazon widget) on their blog. Whenever you access the Amazon store by pressing on that widget, the blogger in question gets a percentage of your purchase price irrespective of what you buy. The good thing is that everything is completely anonymous, and the blogger never knows who you are, where you live, or anything about you.

It makes sense to do this if one is going to buy from Amazon anyways. It isn't like this huge company is going to suffer financially if it shares part of its profits with good bloggers. Some readers have been supporting my blog in this way, and I, in turn, do it for other bloggers. So if you are planning to buy anything on Amazon, consider accessing their site from somebody's blog. It's just one little extra step for you that's absolutely hassle-free and that will force Amazon to share their profits with hard-working bloggers.

P.S. On the left, you can see Lippman's book that I'm reading right now. I got so obsessed that I was literally shaking while purchasing the four books by her that I still haven't read. Seriously, I behave like some sort of a crazy addict around those books. Well, I think of all the addictions one might have, this one is the most innocuous.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

I only had a vague idea of how that worked. Now I'll definitely be sure to click when I need something from amazon. :)

Clarissa said...

Maybe you should get your own Amazon widget, and then people will be able to support you. :-)