Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Boring Post Where I Complain About Minor Imperfections of Existence

This is going to be a very boring post, so feel free to skip it.

I'm sure all of my regular readers remember my endless complaints about how difficult my Mondays were, and how they left me completely exhausted. Well, the semester is long over, yet my bad Monday karma is very much alive. I have spend every Monday since the end of the semester in a varying degree of misery.

Take today for example. Last night, I had some jasmine tea before going to bed. For some reason, a cup of that tea made me as energetic as I thought only a gallon of strong black coffee could. So I spent the entire night wide awake. Then, we had a fire alarm at 8:45 am which meant getting dressed and going outside.

As a result of all this, I am now lying in bed like a XIXth-century lady with vapors, looking all pale and feeling completely exhausted. And last week was exactly the same, only it was something other than the jasmine tea causing the sleepless night, etc. Am I now doomed to spend every Monday this way? Or is there a way to get out of this unpleasant groove?
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KT said...

This sounds like my Thursdays from last year. You'll get over it.

Pagan Topologist said...

I hope the miserable Monday habit does attenuate with time. When do your classes begin again?

Clarissa said...

For me it's January 11. But this will be a very easy semester: only 1 new preparation, just 2 different courses. And I've done all my service requirements for the year. So now it will be all research all the time. Prepare for many research-related posts.