Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Autism Friendly Companies. . .

. . . are the ones who make efforts to provide on-line customer service. My BlackBerry had no Internet connectivity today, and I don't feel like myself when that happens. I get so many messages from students and colleagues (as well as blog-related e-mail) that if I can't see them as soon as they arrive, it will not be possible for me to get through them all at the end of the day. I also feel somehow excluded from life when I can't have instant Internet access wherever I am. Of course, calling the cell phone provider on the phone to ask for help was out of the question because it's torture for me to talk on the phone with strangers.

So I spent the entire morning in a cranky mood, barking at students (a very smart thing to do on the day when they are writing student evaluations of me) and leaving nasty comments at other people's blogs. And then I realized that AT&T has an on-line customer service. My problem was resolved in a matter of minutes, and I didn't even have to make any dreaded phone calls. Companies that anticipate the needs of customers like me will end up winning in the end.


Anonymous said...

Right on. I despise talking on the phone, too. Wastes so much time and is so slow.


Pagan Topologist said...

This is interesting. I prefer talking on the phone to talking in person, generally (with exceptions, of course.) What I really dislike is the voice recognition programs which have me talking to a robot. The machines very often misunderstand me; it is much easier and quicker when I can just answer questions by pressing phone buttons, rather than by saying "yes" or "no" since I typically give answers like "correct" or "I don't want that" or some such.