Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Year's Tree

We don't celebrate Christmas. Not because of any religious reasons but simply because, culturally, we are not used to it and it doesn't mean anything.

New Year's, however, is a really big deal for us. This is the day where we exchange the best gifts of the entire year, engage in a veritable culinary marathon, and party all night, morning, and sometimes next afternoon long.

So for those of you who will be celebrating tomorrow and the day after: have fun, enjoy yourselves, and come back to Clarissa's blog as soon as possible. :-)

In the meanwhile, I will be sharing some details of my holiday preparations. Here, for instance, is the picture of my New Year's tree. I don't know why the tree came out so skinny, but I still like it.

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Pagan Topologist said...

I celebrate Yule, which is the Winter Solstice. I sometimes think I would like to celebrate Perihelion, the day when the Earth is closest to the sun, but I never actually have. If I recall correctly, it is January 3, but I could be off a little. Both Xmas and New Year's Day seem a bit arbitrary for me.

I like a Yule tree, but my teaching schedule prevents me doing anything about having one. Your New Year tree is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

Happy New Year to you.