Thursday, March 17, 2011

Are You Wearing Green Today?

Back in New Haven, I used to lock myself in, dsiconnect the phone, and sever all contacts with humanity in order to do research. One day, after a productive stretch of time, I decided to take a walk. When I came out of the house, I gasped in horror. The town was practically in ruins. Garbage cans and benches were overturned, there was broken glass everywhere, the streets were covered with garbage that in some places was ankle-deep. The scariest thing was that most of the garbage was green, which made me suspect that we had been invaded by little green extraterrestrials.

This was how I discovered St. Patrick's Day. Happy St. Patrick's, everybody!

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely not wearing green today. Nor am I darkening the door of a pub. I shall probably only venture out of the house to go to the supermarket. Dublin on Paddy's Day is... not a place I want to be.

But, y'know, if getting completely polluted and starting fights is people's thing, then.. I hope they have fun?