Friday, March 18, 2011

Democrats Are Hopeless

It is becoming more and more obvious that the Democrats are planning to base their 2012 election campaign on the following message: "The Republicans promised to deliver jobs but they lied and did nothing to boost job creation." This is very similar to their 2004 "Bush lied" slogan, and we all remember how successful that was.

In Solzhenitsyn's major (in my opinion) novel In the First Circle, the character of Stalin says that his opponents lost because they had an extensive knowledge of books but their knowledge of people was non-existent. It is the same with the Dems. They tend to live in the world of ideas and disregard people. They address their campaigns not to actual human beings but to an imaginary concept of what human beings should be like.

The sad truth of the matter is that people don't care about economy. They say that they do but their willingness to vote against their own economic interests time and again proves that the opposite is true. The Dems are trying to discredit the Republican Congress that was elected last November by suggesting that it hasn't delivered what it promised. The truth, however, is that it has. From the day they were elected, the Republicans set out to push very aggressively for the implementation of things that every conservative holds near and dear. Their assault on reproductive rights has been relentless, their attempts to repeal Obama's healthcare legislation started as soon as they got into the Capitol, they are pulling federal funding from countless programs. Their anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric is more venomous than ever. They even took the time to defund the NPR which is hated by conservatives.

Compared to the Democratic Congress of 2006, the Republican Congress we have today can only be described as vigorous, aggressive, and strong. It must feel great to support a party that is so unapologetic about achieving its goals. Every day brings a small ideological victory to the Republican supporters. And ideology trumps economy every single time. While the Democrats had both the Congress and the Presidency, all we heard was a string of excuses why things weren't possible just for the moment. The Republicans don't offer apologies or excuses. They act. They push their barbaric agenda with the single-mindedness of bulls in the arena. 

As long as they do what they promised in terms of ideology, their supporters couldn't care less about the repeal of the Wall Street reform that they have begun.

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