Monday, March 14, 2011

Proud of Wisconsin

Look at the amazing rally the people of Wisconsin held on Saturday:
Madison, Wisconsin
Of course, I didn't see that reported on any of the televised newscasts even though I spent all weekend flipping through channels. Half of the signatures needed to hold recall elections for 8 of the Republican senators for Wisconsin have already been gathered. Of course, it makes very little sense first to elect these corrupt buffoons and then work hard to recall them 5 months later. Will people finally start waking up to the idea that the Republicans' only goal is to rob them and abuse them?

I still haven't heard form people who vote republican what it is they expect the GOP to do for them every time they cast the ballot. There must be some thinking going on there but what can it possibly be? Screw my job, screw my children's college, forget about ever retiring or having any job security, as long as I can rummage in some unknown woman's uterus? 

Republican supporters are a scary mystery to me.

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Anonymous said...

Clarissa, your brother in law looked everywhere to try and get you some sort of memorabilia from the rallies there but couldn't find anything. He will be back in WI tomorrow, however, and will continue looking. ;)