Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Seminars and iPads

I just applied for a seminar that I really really want to attend because it will be extremely useful for my next teaching project. And then I noticed that there is a prize that will be distributed to those who attend the seminar. Guess what the prize will be? Yes, you guessed right. It's an iPad.

I feel kind of weird now that I applied for a seminar that distributes iPads on the very day that I began by writing a nasty post about them. I wish I'd written something critical of trips to the Dominican Republic. Maybe that would have been the prize if I had.


sarcozona said...

Well, if you win an iPad, I'd be happy to take it off your hands!

I want something to read journal articles on when I'm out and about and kindles destroy a lot of figures, tables, and equations in the articles I read!

KT said...

Ah, sarcozona beats me to it. But if you ever have any reservations about the device. I'd be very glad to keep it for you. :)