Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being Ashamed of Illinois

How come my state elected this stupid freakazoid who tells members of Congress to "stop talking about jobs" and concentrate instead on repealing the HAMP legislation that helps people get out of their crushing mortgages? Has this vile harpy been to Illinois lately? And once again, Republican voters, is that really what you voted for? A Congresswoman who wants the Congress to stop talking about jobs? Who seems visibly annoyed that the word "jobs" has been mentioned in her presence?

Can you believe it that this anti-jobs and anti-mortgage relief clown has been representing the 13th district of Illinois since 1999? And don't talk to me about the context of Biggert's utterance. The only context that matters right now is crushing unemployment. A member of Congress should go to sleep and wake up with the words "job creation" on her lips. She needs to scream "I want to create jobs!" during sex. It is her obligation to live and breathe jobs until she manages to make sure that some are created in her state.

Of course, it's entirely possible that people who live in Biggert's district don't give a rat's ass about jobs because they are concentrated on something else. See here the most recent comment from the website of the Illinois 13th congressional district:
I called the village of Downers Grove last year and was pleasantly surprised when I asked if it would be alright having a group of people say a prayer at the Village Hall. They turned me over to a very nice gentlemen ( I still have his name) and said I didn't need a permit. And asked if I was going to have over 50 people in case they were doing work at the time. I was really upset about national prayer day being cancelled. I also made a comment how nice it was to have the American flag all over town.
I mean, what do religious fanatics care about jobs and boring stuff like that when there is a much more pressing matter of destroying the wall of separation between church and state?

Religious fanaticism will be the downfall of this country.


J. said...

I am in her district. She makes us so proud. (Gag)

Just today I got another of her form letters of the "I'm sorry we don't see eye to eye on this issue" variety, in response to yet another of the letters I've sent asking her to get her shit together and represent her actual constituency and not the wealthy folks who fund her campaigns.

Grr...what's sort of sad is that I remember about 12-15 years ago when she seemed to be straightforward and intelligent, practical, a get-the-job-done kind of lawmaker who was clear about what she was about, and what she was about made sense.

Of course, that was before the Republican party went absolutely insane.

Clarissa said...

Gosh, my condolences!

The Republicans have become completely shameless. After a campaign that harped on economy, they now did a complete turn-around. Crazy.

Canukistani said...

The Ontario Provincial government brought down a new budget yesterday. The newspapers are calling it an election budget – 60,000 new spaces for college and universities, full day kindergarten, increase in tax credits for low income families, forgives $800 million in public hospital debt, more funding for mental health and no tax cuts. Somewhat different from Illinois, eh?

Clarissa said...

What have I done to you, my friend, that you are puring salt on my wounds?