Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Modern: My New Favorite Restaurant

Yesterday we celebrated my sister's birthday at The Modern, which is a really great restaurant close to MOMA.
Of all the restaurants I have ever visited, this is probably the best. Not only is the food very good, but the service was absolutely outstanding. To give you an idea, they even keep chargers for all kinds of cell phones at the front desk so that the guests can charge their phones while they eat. And unlike many other restaurants, The Modern doesn't have the practice of sticking the bill in the customers' faces before they are finished eating.

We ate at the bar of The Modern, not the dining room. There, you have smaller portions that are not exactly tapa-sized but close to it. The best dishes amongst a really great selection are fish tartares. Even if you are not a huge fan of tartare, this one will still your heart.

And on the picture you can see Alsatian sausage with sauerkraut that I ordered. Finding good sauerkraut in the US is not easy but this one was very good. I think the chef went a little too far with decorating the plate but the food was delicious anyways.

I'm thinking of publishing reviews of restaurants on a regular basis. How does everybody feel about it?

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Amanda said...

I love eating, I love food, and I enjoy restaurant reviews-- I get to live vicariously through others that way!

Pagan Topologist said...

If there are Amish farmers in your area, see about buying sauerkraut from them, when you are back home. I have found theirs to be wonderful.

liese4 said...

Oh, the best sauerkraut is at Cafe Berlin in downtown Denver. It's homemade, so buttery and rich and yummy. It could be a meal by itself. But, getting some from Amish farmers sounds like a second best idea.

Clarissa said...

Welcome back, liese4! How is your husband doing?

I've never been to Denver but now I really want to go. :-)

liese4 said...

Thanks for asking. He came in for 13 days and left for Iraq again for an undetermined amount of time. My ER child was in the hospital before he got in, but got out 1 day after he got home, then we went and did most of his list (mainly eat, and other things...)

Oh, I can give you all the places to eat here. Ice cream - Little man's. Chinese - Dim sum at Star. German - Cafe Berlin. Ethiopian - Arada. Burgers - Park burger. Tea -Seven cups or Dushanbe tea house. Nepalese - Sherpa's (although that's in Boulder.) Weird pancakes - Snooze or The Buff. Mexican - La Sandia (although we don't have Tex-mex here like we had in Houston, it's a different kind of Mexican food.) The list goes on.

We like food! Oh and we have this place called Casa Bonita, but you don't go there for the food. It's an entire Mexican village with caves and a waterfall inside. You can eat crappy Mexican food while watching cliff divers do tricks into the water.