Friday, March 25, 2011

If Smoking Occurs

I find it very funny how this announcement refers to smoking as something that occurs on its own.

I'm in New York, people!

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Anonymous said...

I guess a smart guess might have said that he didn't know anything about those cigarette butts. Surely someone broke into his room and smoke there, but he wasn't there when that happened so he couldn't tell.

Pagan Topologist said...

I certainly leaves one vulnerable to blackmail by the cleaning staff, doesn't it??

Kira said...

This is a smokers discrimination.
Imho, if the smoking is not prohibited by law, at least a special place for smoking must be.

Pen said...

There are lots of places where it is against the rules to smoke within fifty feet of the building, Kira. If it's not prohibited by law, then it's still not against the law to make your own rules, especially concerning smoking, which is a lifestyle choice.

Is it discrimination if I open a business, and then, because I have asthma, declare it a smoke-free zone? Do I even need a medical condition to not like it?

Nonsmoker Kira said...

Thank you for comment, Pen.
This is a disputable issue.
I think that the right of nonsmokers to breathe pure air has priority over the right of smokers to smoke always when they want.
I approve prohibition of smoking in the airplane, because it is impossible in the closed space to organize smoking without nonsmoker discrimination.
But the big hotel can accommodate a special smoking room with a good air cleaning, so that non-smokers will not bear any discomfort.
Your example with asthma is significant. It is necessary to improve the system of air cleaning and isolation of smoking areas, but it is necessary accommodate a sufficient number of smoking areas too.

Pagan Topologist said...

As I recall, indoor smoking is banned everywhere in New York City.