Monday, March 28, 2011

Honeys, I'm Home!

Aren't they just precious?
So I'm finally back from my New York trip. Thank you, everybody, for not abandoning the blog in the meanwhile. I couldn't respond to comments as much as usual because it isn't always easy to do from my BlackBerry. Especially since our hotel room turned out to be a dead zone for cell phone connections.

I have done some really interesting things during my trip, such as:

1) walked a lot because walking is the best way to get to know a new place and feel its spirit;

2) attended a very interesting lecture by a fellow blogger Jonathan who blogs here and here;

3) visited an exhibition on the history of kitchen counter space and another one on German existentialism at MOMA;

4) visited one fantastic restaurant and one horrid one, which I'm still going to write about;

5) realized that the myth about the unpleasant and brash New Yorkers is unfounded;

6) read two thirds of Zygmunt Bauman's Liquid Modernity and wondered why I'd never read it before;

These don't look very pretty in a picture
but they are extremely comfortable to
walk in. It feels just like walking barefoot
7) bought some really beautiful and, what's more important, extremely comfortable shoes that I can now wear while teaching;

8) once again confirmed that Sex and the City misled all of its viewers when it showed crowds of women in couture clothes, insanely high-heeled shoes and elaborate hairstyles running around the streets of New York. Mostly, people dress worse than they do in the area where I live;

9) realized that Delta is incapable of getting a plane to leave on time under any conditions;

10) discovered that you can now pay with a credit card in all New York cabs and was very happy about this advance of civilization. Also wondered when this important innovation will reach Montreal;

11) realized that the best way to make sure one's blog maintains a high level of visitors while one is absent is to publish posts that contain the word "smoking";

12) had a really great time hanging out with my sister and her best friend.

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