Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need to Grumble

It's one of those days when one would be much better off staying in bed and not moving at all because everything comes out wrong. First, I attempted to show a movie in my class and, of course, the same idiot who always disconnects the stupid equipment disconnected it again. Which meant that I had to crawl around on the floor messing up my clothes and shoes for 15 minutes trying to connect the equipment. And I have no doubt that when I show up for the second section of this course later today, it will all be disconnected yet again.

After I managed to get the movie to start playing, I remembered that there was a sex scene in it. I had forgotten about the scene completely because I find it to be so innocent as to be fit to show to children of any age, let alone university students. So now I have no idea whether it would be considered appropriate by my Bible Belt students. The movie is called Butterfly. In case you are curious, you can watch this scene in the following video. If you do, please tell me whether it was a horrible idea to show it in class. It only lasts about 4 minutes altogether.

After the class, I remembered that I'd forgotten to have breakfast so I decided to have lunch. But the stupid University Restaurant had a pizza day today. Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Who on earth feeds professors with pizza for lunch?

It isn't yet noon and I'm already in a very grumbling mood.


Anonymous said...

I saw this movie with my parents in the video theater when I was about 11. The sex scene if I remember correctly does not really show much.
If I saw it as such age and it did not traumatize me, I don't see why it should be a problem for college students.

kinjal said...

The college students will be fine but I don't think it was appropriate for the two kids in the movie. :D
The movie certainly has an endearing air of innocence to it, looks very much worth watching to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Pizza is my absolute favorite food bar none and I could eat pizza every meal a day for perpetuity and never get tired of it.

Sounds like I should have gone into academia!


Clarissa said...

Bible Belt students, however. the ones who objected when I showed a movie with swearing Argentineans. The ones who complained about a movie that portrayed divorce. Think in that direction and tell me if they will feel comfortable with the movie.

As for pizza, I don't dislike it in any way. However, has anybody invented a way to eat it and not mess up one's outfit and not get stinky breath for the rest of the day?

Spanish prof said...

Clarissa, you are a professor. You are allowed to mess up your outfit, it's part of the allure of being a professor. We can always play the "absent-minded" professor stereotype in our favor. As far as breath goes, try Altoids. It works for me. Don't complain about the food. The best option my campus has is Subway. I am not kidding.

Clarissa said...

Of course, I'm allowed to. :-) But I want to have a choice as to whether I do it instead of having the whole thing pushed on me by unfriendly forces. :-)

Anonymous said...

Given that the bible belt is full of puritanical maniacs, no, I don't think they would like this movie because they probably are sexually repressed.

el said...

How did they react to the movie?

I watched until 3:20 and it's rather racy sex scene, definitely soft (?) erotica. Or may be it's since I hardly watch any movies.

Or were they calmed down a bit by boys defining sex as something people do when in love, unlike dogs?

Clarissa said...

I have no idea just yet. We will find out when the student evaluations are in.

Anonymous said...

It should be fine for college students -- that scene would garner maybe a PG-13 or an R -- the MPAA has much more problems with sexual content than violence.

Most studios want a PG-13. An R is ok, and an NC-17 is the kiss of death as far as marketing and distribution.

If you want to get insight into what conservative people think you should see take a look at "This Film is Not Yet Rated"
-- which is of course rated NC-17 (first part -- and you need a google account to view it though if it's on youtube)

profacero said...

It's fine and we show this film. The Christians will complain about anything.