Saturday, March 19, 2011

Samson Wins a Battle with a Hairdresser

I always cause an international scandal whenever I post pictures of my hair but I can't avoid showing the final results of my most recent battle with a hairdresser after I have persecuted my readers with the story of my hair-related suffering.
My color isn't quite this light.
This is just the flash from the camera

Nobody ever believes it, but both
the hair color and the
curl are completely natural

I like this picture the most because
even though you can't see the hair very well,
I at least look intelligent here, which
almost never happens


Anonymous said...

Nice hair. I can see why it's such a pain to need to cut it.

Clarissa said...

Thank you, buddy! I think I lost a pound of it at the salon today. :-)

Rimi said...

You're quite lovely. But I sympathise about colour and curls. I went to a very strict church-school, and for the greater part of fourteen years there, I was pulled out before or after assembly on charges of colouring or curling my hair (adornments or make-up or beauty-enhancements of any sort were strictly forbidden).

Also, because I have greenish-hazel eyes, sometimes prefects used to pull me out of lines and demand I take my contact lenses off. Which I naturally couldn't, not wearing any, and was consequently labelled a troublemaker. For, apparently, cunningly giving the impression of dressing up when I didn't. Wicked me.

School, eh? What was school like back home?

Clarissa said...

Thank you, Rimi!

Did you ever read my post about the ideological dimensions of hair in the Soviet Union?

Here it is:

You'll see that you and I had similar school experiences. :-)

Spanish prof said...

Love the hair. I suggest that you keep the photos, the hairdresser, and whenever you need to return, show him/her the photos to explain what you are looking for.

I have wavy hair, and although they are a little expensive, I've found out that the Redken Fresh Curls line works pretty well to give definition to my hair. Also an anti-frizz product is essential for me in the summer.

Clarissa said...

Thank you, Spanish prof!

This is the difference between Russian people and non-Russian people. Non-Russian people are nice. When a photo of my hair was seen by people from a Russian-speaking forum, they inundate me with nasty comments and fake compassion for my ugly, unhealthy hair.

Rimi said...

Oh dear! Yes, the structure was pretty much the same, and most certainly it underlay a traditional gender ideology, but I think at our schools it was complicated further by the colonial ideology of 'civilising' the col. subject. Rowdy, dirty locals have to be washed, combed, uniformed, shoe-shined, nail-clipped, stripped of all exotic adornments and look like little British schoolgirls (only brown). The tradition of getting noses pierced, I believe, slowly died out amongst young girls because schools were super stern about it (it's come back in fashion now, with 'the ethnic look' being very hot). And ethnicities where boys wear small gold earrings and longish hair had to rid themselves of both for a decent western education. Plus Muslim girls would come to school covered head to foot in burqua, then take off the outer clothes to reveal the school uniform of a knee-length fitted skirt and blouse underneath.

Fascinating, when you think about it.

KT said...

Oh, so this is what you look like?

:D :) :P

Clarissa said...

The most amazing thing is that I took this picture myself with my cell phone. I had to catch my reflection in the mirror to do that. hence the concentrated look that might pass for intelligence.

V said...

I could not resist having a look at the mentioned forum (which I have not visited for at least a week) and check if they are really discussing your hair again... :) :)
Fortunately, they are not. Are you referring to that year-old incident, or did I overlook something? :)
Nice haircut, by the way. Even though I can read that mentioned above forum... :) :)

Clarissa said...

Yes, the memories of that old incident haven't faded yet.

Now, I have started receiving pleas for financial and other kinds of help from there. I'd gladly remove my profile if I knew how to because it has become daunting. Do you have any idea how that's done?

V said...

Really? Why don't I get those pleas? I am even a little offended... :) By them not considering me sound enough financially... :)
But then again, my e-mail address in the forum profile is defunct for months. For never being used.
From a practical viewpoint, I do not think there is a way to remove yourself from there in a discreet manner. You have to contact the administrator. Or just change your e-mail address in the profile to something you never use.

fairykarma said...

I've never seen a picture of you up close before. The strength of your words certainly does not match your look of youthful innocence. Very disarming indeed!

Though my own propensity is towards self-inflicted baldness. Hair weakens me greatly for some odd reason.

Clarissa said...

Oh, I'm glad you mentioned this, fairykarma! I love tricking people into thinking that I'm an angelic-looking blonde idiot. The difference between the discourse and the visual images that accompany it really throws people off. :-) :-) :-)

Pagan Topologist said...

You look as good with long hair as I do. Thanks for the pictures!

Clarissa said...

Today, after I washed the hair, it jumped up and formed a weird cloud around my head. I like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the hair!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ummmmm...I may offer a topic for a cognitive scientist's dissertation:
1.Despite you are beautiful and attractive etc...but that Aspish look, sight, that special A***** eyes---hm you cant mess it with non-A****. And you know...I mean part for dissertation...the mess of hairs that never ever intelligent/handsome/"in order" it Aspish too. I mean I have the same .Same look--those eyes'expression,those homeless-like hair style. So how hair style correlate to a A****181 or yours 179...But it does obviously.
No--the eyes--its so undeniably belong to a same type, like nation, hmmmmmm. Yes you are attractive. Just one thing off-topic: не пинайте Ваши корни-в советском были и Платонов и Шостакович и всё-даже поруганное---да,насколько глубже и выше чем это вот-- street smarts;хотя да обожаю их и их;..... и это здесь многие кто оттуда делают--зачем.А ---только не бейте меня ногами,а? love the hair,but mostly the eyes.

Clarissa said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you!:-)))))

Anonymous said...

No, no--you are really wonderful, love you yes, you may be understood it wrong, but I dont care, i did not look at forums, why;there is no good here bad there, no, all is the same--and if you understood in a common way--ah, no worries, its all such an unimportant such a nothingness.Nice hair,nice eyes, great blog; good night.

Clarissa said...

Don't worry, buddy, no misunderstanding here. I appreciate the nice sentiment behind your comments.