Friday, March 25, 2011

Nuclear Power in India

I find this observation from Canukistani's article on what really happened at Fukushima to be so significant that I'm publishing it as a separate post:
According to Wikileaks, the American government paid $25 million in bribes to the Indian government officials during 2008 to buy US light water nuclear reactors.
There has been a long-standing struggle between the US and Russia for extending their sphere of influence to India. A significant part of this struggle has been over who will be in control of providing India with fuel for its nuclear reactors. You can read about some of the details of this struggle here

At this point, it has become obvious to everybody that the future belongs to India and China. The former two giants, US and Russia, believe that they can keep the rise of these countries to world domination in check. I, for one, hope that India sends them both to hell and finds its own way. 

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highly interesting - does your fellow/commentator have a link to this WL ?!
i am doing a meta-analysis concerning BWR-reactors/history of ...