Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cultural Differences: Ladies' Night

One of the things that really surprised me in North America was the tradition of the Ladies' Night.

In my culture, men are a lot more passive and less outgoing. You don't need any gimmicks to get women to visit places. They do it anyways. For decades, all public places have been filled by crowds of women and maybe a few men who were dragged there by their wives. Men are the ones who have to be lured into public spaces. Any event or gathering always suffers from a dearth of men, not women.

Of course, any kind of gender imbalance in this area (as well as in any other) has a host of negative ramifications and a couple of positive ones.


KT said...

Actually, I think this practice of letting women go in for free is aimed at men, not women. The more women are in the club, the more the likelihood that men will pay money to go in there.

Clarissa said...

There used to be events in my country where entrance for women was restricted because there were too many of them. Men, however, were admitted easily and freely. :-)

Anonymous said...

KT is correct. The purpose of Ladies' Night is to lure women in, in order to lure men in.

I'm suddenly reminded of the time that the predatory Girls Gone Wild came to my college town to shoot one of their college girls videos. GGW was paying for women to drink free that night. The bar that night was packed with men, but no women. I was very proud of the women at my university.

Clarissa said...

Why were you proud? Are you opposed to alcohol?

Rimi said...

I think she means the women ditched the free drinks as a symbolic rejection of Girls Gone Wild. Elementary, really, my dear Watson ;-)

Clarissa said...

OK, I'm officially slow today. I totally missed the GGW part and concentrated on the free drinks part. Spring break can't come too soon for me.

My apologies to brittanyannwick.

el said...

Why were you proud? Are you opposed to alcohol?

LOL! My sense of humor isn't always the best, but I suppose you were joking.

I would be proud too. Of course, not from being anti-alcohol, but since it showed GGW exactly what those women think of it. Theoretically they could come, drink for free and go home, but personally I wouldn't enjoy being pressed myself, seeing GGW pressing other women and encouraging college men to help them. The latter would most likely succeed too, look what many college students think is OK:

A Yale fraternity is under fire for a pledging ritual. The potential pledges of Delta Kappa Epsilon’s Phi chapter marched through Yale’s campus chanting rape-trivializing phrases such as "no means yes, yes means anal."... most of the first-year female students are housed in the area where the fraternity performed this stunt?

I would be surprised to find many men packing the bar that night different. "Different" means not seeing the above & pressing women to take off clothes funny.

Except disgust and not seeing drinking & not taking anything off as some high feminist goal worth suffering that evening for, I would be afraid for my safety. Please, read this:

Then it appeared on many feminist blogs. Those men are rapists pure and simple. I wouldn't want their wine.

Clarissa said...

Just one thing: nobody is a rapist until they have committed the crime of rape. Uttering stupid chants makes these guys total jerks. They are not rapists, however, until they have committed an actual act of rape.

el said...

Clarissa, by "those men" I meant Joe Francis and his crew, not chanting students. Have you looked at the link I gave? What do you think?

Clarissa said...

OK, I'm seriously out of things today. Of course, Francis and his crew of losers are total criminals. I hope they end up behind bars for a very long time very very soon. Nasty vile jerks.

Anonymous said...

No need for apologies! Oh, how my grandfather would laugh at the notion of my being anti-alcohol! It was he who taught me my appreciation for good wine and good Kentucky bourbon.

El, it was exactly that. Not to mention, the fear that a "friend" would yank up/down/open our shirt like that poor woman a while back. It's not like there's a lack of safe, respectful places for us to gather and enjoy some beverages of dubious content.